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Book Swimming Pool Winter Watch Program 
During the winter months, nobody likes to venture out in the cold to service their pool. With our Winter Watch Program, we will visit your pool and perform the following:
  • Test and balance your pH, alkalinity, and calcium, as well as agitate the water to properly disperse the chemicals
  • Monitor water levels and pump out water as necessary
  • Check the cover pumps and GFCI switches to ensure pump is operational
  • Clean debris off covers and unkink the garden hose
  • Inspect cover security, replace rubber straps, springs, water bags and anchors, and replace as needed
  • Visual inspection of equipment
Maintaining Proper Water Levels
Precipitation, freezing and thawing can all affect your water level over the winter. Though a persistent chore to keep in check, this means a necessary part of winter pool care is keeping water off your cover and your level below the tile. Failure to be vigilant and maintain proper water level can cause serious damage to your pool. Too high and your pool will experience ice damage that can crack tile and lift coping; too low, and the exposed plaster may crack or cause staining and a dirty appearance. 

Maintaining Proper Water Chemistry
While some pool owners assume once the pool is closed that all is well, continued care in keeping your water chemically balanced over the winter is critical for protecting your investment. Varying pH, alkalinity, or calcium levels may result in irreversible etching, pitting, staining, or scaling. By signing up for our Winter Watch program, we can help minimize the potential for such issues.
Please note, services will be suspended once water is frozen.

Ensuring that your pool is properly cared for during this time is especially important to minimize the impact of winter damage. Select our Winter Watch Program for a one-time visit or the recommended, recurring monthly visit.

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