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Buying a home with a pool can be a concerning process for new, prospective owners and a hefty cost if not inspected appropriately.  Instead of relying on a home inspector, potential buyers can better understand the quality of their purchase with a pool inspection.

Inspections are an objective assessment of your future pool and pool equipment.  This includes a visual assessment of your pool, its surface, its equipment, and any deck elements, such as diving boards, ladders, coping, and tile.  Inspections are limited to the aspects of the pool and related equipment that are observable with visual inspection from the ground surface.  Pool equipment components are not disassembled, and no pressure tests will be performed during this service.  

Please note, we are unable to answer questions about the operation of the pool or the pool equipment during the inspection, as this is a different service. If the new homeowner would like an Indoctrination service to review the pool mechanics after the home purchase is complete, we will be more than happy to return at a later date to provide this service.

To request a pool inspection, the following is required:

  • The pool must be open and running.  If it is currently closed, a pool opening will be required at the current, opening prices.
  • The water must be transparent to allow visual inspection of the pool surface and drains.
  • And a written permission from the current homeowner must be obtained that verifies our access to the property during business hours on the day of the inspection. 

Pool inspections are payable in full, prior to the inspection service.  To meet any deadlines, we request a minimum of at least 5 business days to schedule your inspection.  While we can meet deadlines with the advanced notice, we reserve the right to hold the inspection on a day and time most efficient for our schedule.  Unfortunately, due to the core nature of our business, we may not be able to provide a specific date until the day prior to the scheduled inspection. It is not necessary for anyone to be home during the inspection, as long as we have access to the property. We are unable to perform inspections during opening season from May 1st to June 15th.


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