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Our automatic chlorine generator is the efficient, easy way to sanitize your pool. It not only saves time, but also reduces the manual handling of chemicals. 

Salt Chlorinators

Chlorine Generators have been around for years but now, their popularity has taken off in our area. This typically follows the trend that pool builders set and often sets the stage for increased awareness among existing pool owners.

Popularity of salt chlorine generators is centered on the water quality. The salt water has a silkier, softer feel for the bathers. Most of the reports that we get are less eye and skin irritation. Yes, there is still chlorine in the water.

How Does It Work?

By adding salt, a salinity level of approximately 3400 ppm in the water. As the treated water passes through an electrolytic cell that is installed at the filter system the sodium/salt in the water is converted into sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine). The chlorine that is manufactured is very pure and efficient.  You’re not paying for that typical manufacturing of processed chlorine compounds or the containers they go into. That’s about as “green” as it gets.

Does The Water Taste Salty?

No, the ocean has about 20,000 parts per million (ppm) of salt in the water, while a saltwater pool has only about 3400 parts per million salt.  At 3400 ppm, you generally cannot even taste the salt.  Any water under 6000 ppm is still considered fresh water. Your eye contains about 9000 ppm salt.

Where Does The Salt Go?

We add pool grade salt (looks a lot like table salt, but without any additives) to the pool according to manufacturer’s instructions.  Most manufacturers recommend pouring it into the deep end of the pool, but read your directions carefully.  The salt quickly dissolves in the pool water.  Please note this is not food grade salt, nor is it ice melting salt.

You will need to add more salt to make up for rain water dilution and fresh water top off.

Will I Save Money?

The Pentair Salt Cell provides 8,000-10,000 hours of chlorine production, if properly maintained.

What About Maintenance?

The water chemistry will still need to be balanced for pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness. You will still be testing for chlorine and also cyanuric acid.  Special attention needs to be made to pH to keep the salt cell from scale up. We do recommend a Stain & Scale treatment as well as an algaecide (just like before) added weekly as preventative maintenance.   Visit our store to get our recommendations on products designed for salt use.

The cell should be cleaned every few months or as indicated by "service cell" light. 

To speak with someone about salt generators, please call 610-889-0711.

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