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IntelliChem Controller

IntelliChem ® Water Chemistry Controller keeps the pH and chlorine levels of your pool in constant balance. Continuously monitors your pool’s pH and sanitizer levels and automatically delivers just the right amount of chemicals, hands-free. Keeps pools clearer and always ready to enjoy.


  • Auto Setup/Configuration wizard makes start-up quick and easy
  • Password-protected access prevents tampering or accidental program change
  • Programmable chemical feed cycle with on and off times for precise water balance
  • Reduces manual handling, which minimizes chemical costs by assuring safe water conditions and preventing excess chemical addition
  • Built-in Langelier Saturation Index calculator lets you know if your water is in balance
  • Flow sensor ensures chemicals won’t feed without system flow to prevent equipment damage
  • Seamlessly interfaces with IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch®, SunTouch® and ScreenLogic® Automation Systems, so it’s simple to use

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