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March 01/2022

Top 3 Mistakes Pool Owners Make

We’re not perfect, we all make mistakes. Pools can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are three mistakes we often see pool owners make.

1.       Not brushing your pool. Everyone knows it’s important to vacuum the pool to get any debris out of the pool but something that is often neglected is brushing the pool. It’s important to brush the pool to keep algae from growing and allowing your surface to become slimy. You want to make sure that in addition to brushing the walls that you are getting inside all of the crevices as well. This includes behind the ladders, steps, and any corners.

2.       Not balancing your water. Maintaining the pool’s chemistry is essential in order to keep your pool in good condition. It’s important to test and balance your water either once or twice a week. Especially keeping an eye on your pH and chlorine levels.  Improper water chemistry can destroy surface as well as equipment.

3.       Using your suction skimmer as a chlorinator. Often, we see customers add chlorine tablets to their skimmers, or even directly into the pool (NEVER DO THIS).  When tablets are placed in the skimmer baskets, you are putting high levels of concentrated chlorine too close to your equipment which will cause damage.  It could even lead to ruined pool plaster around drains and returns. It’s best to leave your tabs in the floaters or automatic chlorine feeder.  


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