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Rehang/Take Down

Great Valley Awning offers year-round service for stationary awnings.  

During a rehang or takedown service, we prepare your awning fabric for reinstallation with new rope in the spring, or uninstall your fabric, fold, and leave with you for storage in the fall.  

Awning rehang or takedown services are $195.00 for the first hour, which is paid upon submission of this request.  

Labor at the rate of $54.00 per quarter hour for any oversized or complex awnings will be billed upon completion of service.  


Great Valley Awning offers awning fabric cleaning services.  Surface removal of stains, pollen and bird droppings will ensure a longer life for your awning fabric.

•Awning cleaning is recommended twice in the lifetime of the awning around years 5 and 10 and should not be done more frequently. 

•Cleaning is not recommended for awnings that have weak seams or where the fabric is dry rotted.

•The cleaning cost is $2.30 per square foot which will be billed upon completion of service plus an $89 handling fee.  

•In order to get a rough idea of cost we suggest that you take measurements of your awning frame prior to submitting your order as we are unable to determine the size or final cost until after it has been cleaned.

•All cleanings include free storage or may be picked up once it is cleaned.

Upon service request, a deposit of $60.00 is taken that will be applied to cleaning invoice once the cleaning is complete.  We apologize but we no longer accept American Express.

Service Calls

For awning service calls for either stationary or retractable awnings, please call our office to submit a request.