Our most advanced pressure-side automatic pool cleaner that operates without a separate booster pump.

The Polaris Vac-Sweep TR36P pressure-side pool cleaner works in all in-ground pools and operates without a separate booster pump for maximum energy efficiency. It features all-wheel drive and advanced cleaning technology that is powered by triple jets. The Polaris TR36P easily connects to a dedicated pressure line and sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums all surfaces of the pool. The pressure cleaner is equipped with a single chamber filter bag where it captures large debris like leaves and pebbles. Its unique filter bag removes debris before it reaches your pump basket or filter, prolonging the life of your filtration system. In-line back-up valve automatically frees theTR36P if it gets cornered, keeping it cleaning without interruption. Available in Black Max™ version to complement dark-bottom pools.


Powered by triple jets and advanced cleaning technology
Works in all in-ground pools of any size and shape
Sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums the bottom and walls of your pool
Includes 31-feet of feed hose, and single chamber filter bag for capturing large debris
Available in a Black Max™ Model to complement dark bottom pools

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