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Polaris Quattro Sport

The Polaris® Quattro™ Sport is designed to collect both fine and larger debris with its dual-stage filtration and extra large intake. Powered by a booster pump and featuring 4WD, this cleaner has the agility to provide superior cleaning from the floor to the waterline. 


  • Requires a booster pump
  • Multi-directional navigation designed to turn quickly for efficient cleaning coverage
  • Extra-large debris intake and powerful suction to tackle large debris such as acorns, leaves, and pebbles
  • Easy to clean debris canister for easy debris discarding and spray cleaning
  • Transparent window to see when canister is full
  • Dual stage filtration to collect both fine particulates and large debris
  • Powerful 4WD for aggressive wall-climbing and agility
  • Active brushing for fine and stuck-on debris

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